HR Contingency Staffing, HR Contract/Temp Services*, HR Search, and HR Consulting Services from HRStaffers Inc provide a range of services designed to support the success of your organization.

HR Staffing Expertise to Ensure Your Business Succeeds

HR Staffing Expertise to Ensure Your Business Succeeds

Engage our expertise to assist you with your HR department’s staffing needs. We will provide you with cost effective alternatives to staff your organization so you can focus on your core HR responsibilities.

  • We have thirty-four years
    of staffing and
    recruiting experience.

  • We stand by our services
    with guarantees.

  • Our response time is
    quick, efficient and
    saves you time.

HR Staffing Services that drive Your HR Department

  • HR Contingency Staffing

    When business conditions warrant increasing your headcount in a quick efficient manner, HRStaffers Inc can source, recruit and refer you top talent on a contingency basis. A payment is due only if we fill the position.

  • HR Contract/Temp Services*

    For those unexpected projects requiring additional HR staff, HRStaffers Inc can provide you with top professional contract talent when you need it for short or long term engagements.

  • HR Search Services

    HRStaffers Inc provides a retained search service at a discounted rate from those big search firms in the industry. Use our search services and save 50% over the fees they charge. We have the same sources of qualified candidates.

  • HR Consulting Services

    HRStaffers Inc provides human resource consulting services. We can analyze and recommend positive changes to your HR recruiting processes. Our objective is to streamline your recruiting processes to save you time and money, reduce liability and litigation exposure.


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