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Is there a fee or cost associated with an initial consultation with an HRStaffers representative?

There is no fee or charge for an initial consultation with an HRStaffers’ representative. We will meet with clients to discuss their major HR challenges, review current operations and prepare a preliminary assessment and recommendation.

How much experience does HRStaffers have in the recruiting and HR consulting process?

We have over twenty two year of experience in the recruiting and HR consulting industry.

If our company signs a contract with HRStaffers to perform recruiting or some other HR service, can the project scope be scaled down or up as our business demands change?

HRStaffers’ services which include recruiting, employment qualification analysis, HR consulting, outplacement or payroll can be scaled up or down as your business demands change.

How can our company benefit from utilizing HRStaffers?

By utilizing HRStaffers our clients see an improvement in their HR processes, decreased costs and a reduction in time to hire.

Are the recruiting services performed by HRStaffers done on our company site or at HRStaffers site?

Recruiting services performed by HRStaffers can be done on our client’s site or at our various off site locations.