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At HRStaffers we apply decades of recruiting experience to save your company time and money.
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HRStaffers helps ensure that you are getting the skill sets you need from the candidates you hire.
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HRStaffers provides an economical outplacement program that offers an array of services.
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HRStaffers can analyze and recommend changes to your HR processes, making your company more efficient.
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HRStaffers payroll processing service will save you time and reduce overhead costs for payroll preparation.
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HRStaffers has been a leader in the recruiting industry for over 22 years. We have met the recruiting and staffing needs of many of the largest corporations in the country.

Our goal is to provide quality, prescreened candidates in order to increase our clients’ hiring ratios and elevate the overall quality and performance of their workforces. Coupled with our ability to scale up or down in response to our clients’ hiring needs, our services can be a cost-effective alternative to conventional HR recruiting programs that include staffing agency agreements, in-house recruiting contractors or staff recruiters.